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Submission Deadlines

Program completion requirements are listed in the student’s plan of study. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required to maintain good academic progress for graduation. Students are responsible for keeping track of their progress and should review their academic record to ensure accuracy. The diploma is mailed to the address posted on the student record. To update your information, visit Testudo.

Graduation-related submission deadlines are posted on the Graduate School Academic Deadlines Calendar. For questions regarding these deadlines, contact the Graduate School at 301-405-3644 or

Master’s Instructions

Complete all four steps for graduation and receipt of the diploma:

  1. Register for at least one credit in the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  2. Apply for Graduation via Testudo
  3. Submit Approved Program Form to your Academic Program Director. See The Graduate School Forms. Scroll down to Graduation Forms and select Approved Program Form.
  4. Submit a Degree Audit from u.achieve to your Academic Program Director. For instructions, see u.achieve-help.


  1. Academic Director:  Audits each student file for program requirements and notifies students of any issues. Forwards approval to the Office of Candidate Clearance.
  2. Office of Candidate Clearance. Reviews, confirms, and grants final approval.​Forwards to Diploma Office.
  3. Diploma Office. To check on the status of your diploma, click here.The clearance, printing, and mailing process may take up to 12 weeks to complete.

Important notes:

  • Students may request a letter of program completion for employment purposes by e-mailing Include your name, UID, and provide the name, mailing address, and phone number of the employer. The letter will be sent via US Postal Services.
  • You will be contacted if there are any questions relating to program requirements, continuous registration questions, time limitations, or other substantive issues.​
  • If not approved, you will be contacted to resolve the issues, and your application for graduation will “roll over” to the next semester. You must ensure to register for at least one graduate credit for graduation eligibility.

Commencement Information

You are welcome to participate in the University of Maryland’s campus-wide commencement ceremonies (May and December only). Graduates’ names will be listed under their degree or certificate in the commencement program. For complete commencement information, click here.

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