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Market Development and Commercialization

Learn the essential marketing concepts and practical commercialization strategies to bring your new venture to market.




12 Weeks


8-10 Hours per Week

Instructor Rating

3.7 / 4

Marketing innovative products and services occurs in an ever-changing environment, and requires rapid decision making with incomplete information. These innovations are introduced at increasingly frequent intervals, and there are high mortality rates for products and services, and the businesses themselves.

Our course provides a practical, how-to guide for navigating these marketing challenges to bring innovative new products and services to market. With learning modules on product strategy, go-to-market strategies, and growth strategies, you will build your skills in understanding and applying the latest marketing strategies and tactics. We’ll explore how to develop an informed marketing plan that aligns with customer needs based on real market research.

Learn the latest strategies for customer discovery, interviews and focus groups, product design, product development, content marketing, social media marketing, and marketing campaign management. The course will provide a balance between conceptual discussions based on readings of concepts and practices, and applied, hands-on analysis with real projects.

What You'll Learn

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Course Topics

Module 1: Introduction to Market Development and Commercialization

This module includes a welcome to the course, an orientation to our teaching approach and faculty, and an introduction to the marketing challenges for new ventures.

Module 2: Customer Development and the Chasm

Revisiting the Customer Development Process. Highlights from the Customer Development Manifesto. What Startup Market Do You Fit In? How Market Types Affect Marketing Strategy.

Module 3: Crossing the Chasm to Mainstream Customers

The Basics of Crossing the Chasm. What Customer Problem Are You Solving? Segmenting the Market.

Module 4: Creating a Product Marketing Foundation

Linking Products to Buyers. Defining the “Whole” Product. Customer Value: Tying Benefits to Features. Pricing Your Solution.

Module 5: Communicating Product Value to Customers

What’s Your Brand? Positioning Your Startup and Product. Eight Rules to Build a Strong Market Position. Corporate Positioning.

Module 6: Promoting Your Product and Startup

Influencing Customers with Market Messengers. Adopting Traditional PR Approaches. Developing a PR Plan. Bootstrapping Your PR Efforts.

Module 7: The Basics of Creating Customer Demand

Understanding the Customer’s Buying Journey. Driving Customer Awareness and Interest. The Buyer Persona. Creating a Buyer Persona.

Module 8: Acquiring Customers with Content Marketing

Connecting with Story Telling. Building a Credible Story. Content Marketing and Storytelling. Delivering Content.

Module 9: Creating Customer Demand with Inbound Marketing Tools

Key Elements of Your Digital Marketing Strategy. The Basics of Lead Capture. The Basics of Search Engine Optimization. The Basics of Paid Search.

Module 10: Creating Customer Demand with Outbound Marketing Tools

The Drivers of Marketing Automation. What is Marketing Automation. Email Campaigns. Nurturing Prospects to Become Customers with Lead Scoring.

Module 11: Extending Your Sales Reach

Developing a Sales Strategy. Understanding How the Channel Food Chain Works. Building a Distribution Plan to Scale. Developing Distribution Pricing.

Module 11: Extending Your Sales Reach

Developing a Sales Strategy. Understanding How the Channel Food Chain Works. Building a Distribution Plan to Scale. Developing Distribution Pricing.

Learning Experience


Asynchronous Lectures

Coaching and Mentoring

Live Office Hours

Peer Interactions and Networking

Project-Based Learning

Real-World Assignments


Lola Koiki
Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute
University of Maryland

Lola Koiki is a senior product manager at Capital One with responsibility for leading the development, launch, and commercialization of Emerging Payments, which encompasses U.S. Real-Time Payments, Payment Infrastructure Modernization, and Payments Innovation. She is currently leading Capital One’s effort to join the first new payments clearing system in the United States in over 40 years, while developing an enterprise-wide consistent strategy for faster payment capabilities across the company.

In addition to her work at Capital One, she is a partner at PoyntFour, a Product Management and Delivery Consultancy based in the DC area, with a focus on pre-seed to series startups and mid-size government agencies looking to build high efficiency teams. She is also a Lecturer with the University of Maryland’s Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute. In her time at University of Maryland, she has taught over 500 undergraduate students, many of which have gone on to launch new ventures or work in start-ups.

She is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, with a Masters in Information Systems Management. She holds a BS in Marketing and Supply Chain Management from the University of Maryland.

She currently lives in Washington DC and volunteers with organizations in the area, such as The Neighborhood Well, a non-profit focused on helping the unstably housed in the DC Area, and Acts1038, a non-profit focused on education and career development for immigrants to the United States.

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